Natural Mente Palma: find is

The Naturalmente Palma shop is situated in the heart of the old part of Palma. You will find that our collection is divided into three different floors. By entering you will be surrounded by the real and undisturbed essence of the ocean and all it�s different aspects. This includes tropical shells in all impressive sizes and corals, harmoniously combined with different decorative objects in metals, wood, horn, pearl, porcelain and other arts from nature. On our first floor you get carried away by your imagination and create your own jewelry, mostly made out of natural elements. On the ground floor an attractive selection of shells are laid out for you to make a nice selection and combine your own favorite shapes and colors. Minerals offering their powers and good vibes mixed with beautiful home accessories making a house into a home ..but also providing to be the perfect gift. On the upper floor you will find an elegant and most original line of furniture along with a variety of more decorative objects whispering style as well as clothing and accessories. Everything is combined in a chic and warm atmosphere that will leave you exceptionally inspired.

  • Tienda Palma de Mallorca
  • Calle Palau Reial, 3. - 07001 Palma de Mallorca
  • Tel.: 971 42 54 53

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