Natural Mente Sóller: find is

The Natural Mente shop in Soller is our youngest and most precious dare. You can access this beautiful valley of orange groves and rustic stone streets by taking the �Tren de S�ller�. Ever since 1912 the S�ller railway has been running a daily train service along the 27.3 km route between Palma de Mallorca and S�ller, without interruption. The shop is located just a passed the Plaza in the centre of S�ller and offers two floors on four different levels and a typical Mediterranean garden filled with summer decoration. We have consciously decided to maintain the different typical aspect of the house such as the hydraulic floors, exposed beams, and the typical kitchen whilst blending in our product line. On the first floor you will notice the elegance of marble and the grand iron staircase surrounded by a variety of shells, fossils and minerals. Then without losing the natural essence on the next level it has a cozy room with clothes and accessories. On the second floor you will find jewellery and decoration through which you can also access the "golden heart" of Natural Mente S�ller; the garden! The garden distinguishes us from other businesses, we have given the garden a special touch, decorating every corner with the magic of Natural Mente.

  • Tienda Sóller
  • Calle Sa Luna 30. - 07100 Sóller
  • Tel 971 94 21 92

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