Natural Mente Valldemossa II: find is

Our new Natural Mente shop located in beautiful Valldemossa is our most rustic but also "beachy" shop and really has a flirtatious effect. You will find all the decoration and furniture you need... The village and surrounding mountains carry you away into a different time. The small town is famous for Chopin spending a winter here. The house he stayed at is now transformed into a museum and the book dedicated to this summer, written by George Sand, is well promoted. In our new shop in Valldemossa, you will find jewelry, accessories, art, and home decoration inspired by land & sea, all locked into one room - mixing textures, materials and colors of nature, which, are of course always immersed in the universe of Natural Mente.

  • Tienda Valldemosa II
  • Plaza de la cartuja 1-07170, Valldemossa
  • 871 771 878

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